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Our Objectives & Aims


The objects and purposes for which this organisation is established are:           


a)         To advance mineralogy both as a science and as an art.

b)         To disseminate knowledge of minerals, their occurrences and their associations.

c)         To increase knowledge of related fields of earth science from a mineralogical


d)         To keep members informed of new developments in mineralogy.

e)         To encourage an appreciation of the aesthetic value of minerals.

f)          To promote the proper care and preservation of mineral specimens.

g)         To promote the conservation of the geologically unique and of the environment in general.

h)         To provide a means of contact between professional and amateur in the various fields of earth sciences.

i)          To foster a sense of co-operation and understanding between individuals and professional institutions in the field of mineralogy.

j)          To provide a forum for debate and discussion on matters relating to mineralogy.


The above is taken from Section 3 of the Constitution of The Mineralogical Society of South Australia Inc.

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