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Introduction to

The Mineralogical Society of South Australia


The Mineralogical Society of South Australia was formed in 1981 to cater for a growing number of people specifically interested in learning more about minerals.


The Mineralogical Society aims to distribute knowledge and communicate with its members through regular monthly meetings and through Newsletters and regular email updates.


Members of an Executive Council, elected by an open ballot each August, run the Society's administration. The Executive Council has various office bearers who administer the business and activities of the Society. Members come from the Adelaide metropolitan area and throughout the state including a small number from interstate and overseas.


The Mineralogical Society of South Australia has adopted the mineral Atacamite as it's official emblem and it is pictured at the top of the front page. Perhaps more than any other mineral, Atacamite symbolizes our state, considering the quality and abundance of specimens recovered from many outstanding localities.


The Mineralogical Society organises field excursions to many varied locations and these are usually well attended and a lot of fun. More often than not, material collected on these trips, yield unusual or rare minerals or minerals previously unrecorded from a locality. This adds to a wealth of mineralogical knowledge already assembled through other organisations such as the South Australian Museum.


South Australia was the 3rd Mineralogical Society in Australia to be formed after New South Wales and Victoria. There are now Mineralogical Societies in Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia. Each year on the June long weekend, a joint mineralogical Seminar is held and hosted by each state in turn. Adelaide last hosted the seminar in 2010 and will again in 2017. The topics for the seminar are chosen by the host state, and are generally based on localities, mineral groups, geological and mineralogical formation etc.


The Mineralogical Society of South Australia welcomes new members and encourages them to become active through attendance at meetings, field trips and other events, as well as using their time and resources to further advance the aims of the society. In this way, membership of the Society offers members a chance to play a role in shaping the future of mineralogy in South Australia and beyond.

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